A selection of my current writings

Eighteen Months- A Love Story Interrupted – (Third Edition launched in 2017)

Memoir/Love & Romance. Third Edition

Eighteen Months – A Love Story Interrupted is a personal story about the life of two Canadians, Sharon and Charlie, who knew each other for a mere eighteen months.

Eighteen Months Front Cover June 3 2017 rev 3

ISBN: 978-1547200672

Together they travel on a daunting journey. It is a story of humour, compassion, fear, support, love, anger and utter frustration, culminating in death and many unanswered questions.

It is also a story of a human relationship that testifies to the strength and will of both the terminally ill patient and her partner as he comes to accept her illness and the short period of time they will spend together. 

Much has been written for women by women on the subject of breast cancer. This story is written from a man’s personal perspective, of the relationship, albeit fleeting, with the author’s partner.

        Eighteen Months has its own website. >Click here<


       Eighteen Months has its own video. >Click here<

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The Incredible Adventures of Captain Cameron MacDuddyfunk in Cuggermuggerland (Illustrated edition)

ISBN 9780987750389

Now available in paperback and eBook editions

The Incredible Adventures of Captain Cameron MacDuddyfunk in Cuggermuggerland has been written  for children of all ages. Written by Alan L. Simons and illustrated by Ellen van Boggelen-Heutink, this illustrated paperback edition, is now available to be ordered through your retail bookstore and online bookstores such as Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, Indigo and Waterstones. ISBN 9780987750389.

 Allison, 11 and Richard, 9 the children of Canada’s Minister of Missing Islands, are magically transported to the mysterious island of Cuggermuggerland, located somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland, by the famous Captain Cameron MacDuddyfunk and his great great grand nephew, school teacher Mr. Bruce MacDuddyfunk.

During their adventures the children meet the Quidnuncs, a happy, peace loving people, who love to gossip and the Shilpits, a people who always scream and shout at each other.

Captain Cameron MacDuddyfunk escorts the two children through a series of exciting adventures, culminating in Allison and Richard showing the Quidnuncs and the Shilpits that two diverse communities can indeed come together to live in harmony.

Click on the above image to watch the video

MacDuddyfunk also has its own website. Click on the image below.

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The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh


ISBN 9780987750372

Adult fiction/Humour & Romance. Scheduled for publication in the winter of 2018/19.

The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh is located in the department of Drôme, in the south of France.

You won’t find Little Comely-on-the-Marsh located on any map. Nor will you find any reference to it in any of the libraries in Montélimar or Gap. If you were to ask the residents of Luc-en-Diois or La Motte-Chalançon about it, they probably would at first deny its existence, mumbling under their breath something that sounded much like: “Va te faire cuire un oeuf!”

No one knows for sure how this village acquired its name, or where its 347 Welsh inhabitants, plus 129 cats, 157 dogs, 346 goldfish, one horse, a local restaurant called Welcome and a pub called the Duke of Wellington came from. It seems as if, it just happened. Voila! There it was. And of course it goes without saying, none of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh’s 347 inhabitants speak French, or for that matter, want to.

* * *

Sweaty Cats and Baby Pigeons

ISBN 9780987750365

For grandparents of all ages and young children.  Now available!

A treat for grandparents of all ages! Sweaty Cats and Baby Pigeons contains a series of short stories written for the inquiring mind of a young child, with the view that grandparents play an important role in the development of their little loved ones.

As grandparents, many of us have to accept that our grandchildren do not live around the corner from us. Therefore, intensive periods of involvement with our loved ones are relatively short. Yet, we still strive at every opportunity, to keep in touch with them. 

The stories, written by Alan L. Simons and illustrated by Ellen van Boggelen-Heutink, are a fun, humorous and an expressive way in which grandparents can interact and stimulate communication between the generations, as well as develop a whole series of creative questions and answers.

Sweaty Cats has its own website. Click on the image.

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 Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest working cover

ISBN 9780987750396

A children’s fairy-tale in the European tradition, written as a trade paperback and as a children’s musical for the stage. Scheduled for publication in the winter of 2018/19.

The story takes place in and around a beautiful scenic town in Europe. The two primary characters are Ben and Emma, who meet when they are nine and seven years of age. They begin a relationship lasting throughout their lives.

The story weaves around the lives of Ben and Emma together with enchanted characters who live with disabilities. Never judge a book by its cover. The primary focus of the story is to show children that in our day-to-day lives there are positive lessons to be learned from people with disabilities. The wisdom here is to demonstrate that we are all equal, irrespective of our physical appearances.




Copyright © 2013-2018  Alan L. Simons All rights reserved.



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