About me

Publisher | Author | Ghost Writer | Social Activist | Playwright | Public Speaker

Born, raised and educated in London, England, I worked for various newspapers in England prior to immigrating to Canada where I resumed my career in the newspaper and magazine field and established an advertising and communications company.

Now in its 12th year of publication, I have a respected international internet news site dealing with issues relating to intolerance, antisemitism/virulent Judeophobia, hate, ethno-centric violence, Islamophobia, conflict and terrorism. My articles are also republished in The Times of Israel (blog) and by The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

As a diplomat, I served as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Rwanda to Canada from 1999 to 2002.

I have lectured and designed courses as well as been a moderator at numerous institutions in the areas of therapeutic management, communications, religion in politics and have appeared on TV, radio and in the print media.

I am a founding member of Hope for Rwanda’s Children Fund and the founder of Mitzvah Day Canada, a grass-roots, not for profit and non-fundraising organisation.

After living in Amsterdam for several years, I returned to Toronto where I am working on my fourth book, a novel, set in France, which addresses cultural diversity issues that go beyond stereotypes in society, as well as a sitcom for the North American market.

In 2010, my book titled Eighteen Months – A Love Story Interrupted was published as a paperback by Now & Then Books Toronto.  In October 2011, the eBook edition became available on major eBook readers. And in August 2015 the second edition was published by Baronel Books. In addition, a play based on the book, has completed a series of dramatic readings. The third edition was published as a trade paperback in June 2017 and is now gradually being distributed in North America and Europe.

During 2011, my children’s book, The Incredible Adventures of Captain Cameron MacDuddyfunk in Cuggermuggerland, was published as an eBook. In January 2012, MacDuddyfunk was published as a paperback. In June 2013, an illustrated sequel was published.  

In September 2013, Sweaty Cats and Baby Pigeons, a book for grandparents and young children, was published.

Two more books are scheduled for publication during 2018/19:

For further details of all my writings, go to “Writings” above this page.

I am available for workshops, lectures, talks and readings throughout the year. To contact me go to “Contact” above this page.



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